The University of Notre Dame

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Australia!

Notre Dame is a private Catholic University with campuses in the historica town of Fremantle (Perth), and inner-city Sydney, Australia.

We embrace the ancient and esteemed traditions of Catholic Universities in Europe, North America and 2,000 years of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. We welcome people of all faiths or none at all. As an academic community, we welcome open and rigorous enquiry, debate and discussion.

We have an enrolment of over 12,000 students and offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our student experience, employment and graduate outcomes are among the very best in Australia.

We provide our students with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills which will empower them to realise their potential, build interconnectedness with all peoples and willingly serve the community through active participation, engagement and reflection.

We have a powerful commitment to honouring the individual and recognise that each student is graced with their own gifts and talents. We believe that higher education should prepare students for a rich, fulfilling and reflective life, not just a career path.

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#1 Graduate employability in Perth & Sydney - learn how we achieved this ranking!

The University of Notre Dame Australia (Notre Dame) is a leading Australian university offering an exceptional educational experience to over 12,000 students across our multiple campuses. As Australia’s only private Catholic university, Notre Dame has campuses located in the heart of Sydney’s university precinct and the historial port town of Fremantle in Perth.

According to the Australian Government nationwide student surveys, Notre Dame’s overall quality of educational experience is among the highest in Australia at 90.2% (well above the national average of 79%)

What makes Notre Dame unique?

·Real world professional experienceThrough internships, volunteering opportunities and professional placements, students graduate with knowledge of the Australian workplace and experience on their CV. Notre Dame has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Australia at 79.6% (well above the national average of 71.9%).

·Smaller class sizes – Students don't get lost in the crowd at Notre Dame. Class sizes are deliberately smaller and students receive high levels of support from academic staff and develop strong professional networks with their peers. 

·Graduating students with critical, creative and compassionate thinking skills – Through Notre Dame’s Core Curriculum/LOGOS program, undergraduate students undertake studies in Philosophy, Theology and Ethics and graduate with an increased ability to think and reason; skills that give them a distinct advantage in their working life. These are skills employers look for in university graduates.

Key rankings

Notre Dame is the #1 university in Perth and Sydney for the following:

·Graduate employability

·Skills development

·Learner engagement

·Skills scale

·Median salary (Perth only)


Notre Dame Schools (Faculties
Notre Dame’s contains 9 Schools/Faculties located on both the Perth & Sydney campuses, and are leaders in providing quality liberal arts university education with ral world experience.

The following Schools are offered in the following areas:

1. Arts & Sciences - including programs in Architecture, Archaeology, Advertising, Applied Pyschology, Behavioural Science, Communications & Media, Counselling English Literature, History, Liberal Arts, Marketing, Public Relations, Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Social Justice, Sociology, Theatre Studies, Theology, Writing, Science (Environmental Science, Human & Medical Science, Biology)

2. Business - including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, Advertising, Marketing, Sports & Recreation Management, MBA

3. Education including Primary, Secondary and Early Childhood

4. Health Sciences including Biomedical Science, Health Promotion, Exercise & Sports Science, Outdoor Recreation

5. Law

6. Medicine (postgraduate entry)

7. Nursing (B.Nursing, Midwifery, re-entry/bridging programs)

8. Philosphy & Theology

9. Physiotherapy (undergraduate)

Current India Student Engagement

Notre Dame has long welcomed a number of India students to our campuses in the area of Business, COunselling, Health Sciences and Medicine. 


The University of Notre Dame Australia offers multiple International Merit Scholarships to provide tuition assistance to international students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs at Notre Dame (with the exception of Medicine).

The value of the Scholarship is 25 percent (25%) of annual tuition fees for up to a maximum of one (1) year or two (2) consecutive semesters.

No scholarship application form is required, as eligible international applicants are automatically nominated for consideration by the selection committee.

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